The Freedom Seat 

Women in the fastest lanes

From the earliest history of automobiling in the late 1880s to the earliest history of aviation in the 1900s, women were told that they didn't have the intelligence or the temperament to drive or fly. Hundreds of intrepid women proved these naysayers wrong.

Women in the fastest lanes

The driver's seat of a car. The left seat or captain's seat in an airplane. This is what I call the "Freedom Seat."

THE FREEDOM SEAT is the umbrella title for classes I teach on the history of women in automobiling and aviation.

I teach these adult education classes at libraries, at community colleges, and at senior citizens citizens.

Have audience, will travel.

In addition to teaching the history of women in automobiling and aviation, I also write articles, and am compiling artifacts and memorabilia for a FREEDOM SEAT museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Betty Skelton:

Aerobatic pilot, race car driver, jump boat pilot. She did it all.