The Freedom Seat 

Women in the fastest lanes

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The Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum: Milestones of Flight Commemorative Series consists of 100 First Day Covers (FDC) (envelopes with an illustration (cachet) and explanatory text on them).

This 50-page booklet features a scan of each FDC and a transcription of the text of each cachet, as well as the date of cancellation. 


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Milton Caniff, the creator and writer of the Steve Canyon comic strip, was a support of the All Women Transcontinental Air Race, popularly known as the Power Puff Derby.

In 1969 he wrote a strip featuring an account of the Derby from the point of view of Steve Canyon's pilot niece, Poteet Canyon, and her friend Bitsy Beekman. 

In 1997, businesswoman Linda Finch set out  to recreate the round-the-world flight of Amelia Earhart.

Earhart had chosen to fly a route around the equator - the longest route it's possible to fly, and disappeared on the leg between New Guinea and Hawaii. She was supposed to land at an obscure island called Howland Island but never made it.

As part of a finance stream for the trip, Finch offered 2 1/2 inch copper paperweights and a subscription to her newsletter World Flight.

This is the first issue.